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Is Botox the key to success at work?

 Is BOTOX the key to success at work? Plastic surgeons reveal how more men are getting the cosmetic injections to overcome ageism in the workplace and compete against younger guys A new study found that 453,281 men got botulinum toxin injections in 2016 That increased the number of total injections by 9.9% for both genders […]

Can Skin That’s Always Red Ever Really Be Fixed?

  This article by Brittany Burhop Fallon originally appeared in Whether your skin is red due to acne, sunburn, rosacea, or something else, getting the red out can be a tricky thing to treat. Although there have been major advancements in skin care products and in-office treatments, can skin that’s consistently red ever really be […]

The SculpSure Treatment Experience

SculpSure Treatment Experience: At the beginning of the treatment you will feel a cooling sensation. Contact CoolingTM stays on throughout the treatment, which helps keep the skin safe and comfortable. Two minutes into treatment you will start to feel peaks of warmth followed by cooling. Four minutes into treatment you will feel deep warmth and […]

Laser Hair Removal: 6 Things Everyone Needs to Know

This article by Taryn Brooke originally appeared in If you’re itching to rid your body of excess hair, literally because you’ve been shaving your body hair and now it’s growing back, there’s a much better solution you might not be considering: It’s time to consider laser hair removal. What has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure […]

Checkup: Winter Skin

Changes in the look and feel of your skin during cold, winter months are not abnormal, but you can counteract unpleasant irritation. What are the signs? The telltale symptoms of dry skin are easy to spot: Skin just generally feels drier and tighter. Other signs may include roughness, itching, severe redness, flaking and scaling. Sometimes […]