Dear MD Derm family,

This March we are springing into action against bugs! With spring break and travel on its way let’s discuss the creepy crawlies that can be lurking under the sheets. Mites and bugs from bed bugs to head lice to scabies can run rampant in our homes, in hotels, and in schools. Bites from bed bugs are usually red, itchy, and will be in a line. Head lice causes itching on the scalp and you may even see nits (eggs) and the lice themselves when you examine the scalp. Scabies bites are very itchy, and are often found in the webbed spaces between fingers and toes. Make sure not to share hats or hair care products, and to clean your sheets weekly, to prevent spread or infestation! If you have an itch, come see us!

See you soon,

Charlotte Lanphear, MPAS, PA-C

Product of the month: Clarisonic face brush – this face brush uses a patented technology with a spinning, oscillating brush head to deliver powerful pore cleaning action! Great for all skin types, this brush helps to whisk away impurities while creating more radiant skin.

March Skin Madness
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