It could be skin cancer, says Ali Hendi, MD, a dermatologist and skin cancer specialist in the Washington, DC, area. And because they’re hidden, these skin cancers often aren’t detected early, when they have the highest chance for minimal treatment and a cure.

While a super-dark and bushy beard might deflect a few rays, it’s a myth to think that hair alone is adequate protection from the sun. Dr. Hendi wants to make guys more aware of their risks for skin cancer and help them do something about it.

It’s the perfect time to talk about this facial hair aspect, since the Movember movement is in full swing, encouraging men to skip shaving this month to raise awareness of health issues and cancers that can affect them. (It has the catchiest catchphrase ever: “Grow a mo, save a bro.”) Plus, facial hair has made a huge comeback in recent years.

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Men: What’s Under That Beard?

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