ADear MD Derm family,

Happy rosacea awareness month! April showers are upon us, but don’t let rosacea rain on your parade! Rosacea is a chronic condition affecting millions of Americans, and can range from a rosy cheeked appearance to acne-like pimples to a very bumpy red nose (rhinophyma).  Thankfully, advances in medicine are giving us more options to control this embarrassing condition, including a new powerful anti-inflammatory cream called Soolantra, and a facial flush-reducing cream called Rhofade. If you suffer from rosacea, come in for an evaluation.

Take care,

Ryan Leach, MPAS, PA-C

Product of the month: Rozatrol – this product from the ZO skin health line has numerous ingredients that target the varying aspects of rosacea, including reduction of redness, excess oil, and skin dryness.  In combination with other ZO products, Rozatrol is a great way to manage your rosacea symptoms.

Rosacea Awareness Month
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