Dear MD Derm family,

Hope you’re having a great 2019 and keeping up with those resolutions! Valentine’s day is coming up, and nothing compares to the butterflies and warm fuzzies you get when you’re around your special someone.  But if those butterflies also make you sweat a lot, it can be a bit of a mood-killer! Never fear, a new prescription cloth for excessive underarm sweating called Qbrexza, is now available. This cloth works wonders and keeps you dry for hours! Swing by one of our MD Dermatology offices to see if its right for you, and enjoy your Valentine’s day without distractions 🙂

Take care,

Ryan Leach, MPAS, PA-C

Product of the month: Nutrafol hair supplements.  These supplements have been touted in numerous magazines including GQ, MensHealth, and allure, and come in Men’s and Women’s formulations.  Packed with numerous ingredients including saw palmetto, hydrolyzed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin, vitamin E extract, and a turmeric-extracted potent anti-inflammatory agent, Nutrafol targets numerous factors of hair loss and thinning.  For fuller, healthier looking hair, Nutrafol supplements are a great addition to your hair regimen.

Valentine’s Day Maintenance
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